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This site is intended to assist Concealed Handgun licensees in the Alamo area identify which
businesses do not welcome law-abiding carriers on their premises. Another intent is to identify
area businesses that welcome licensed citizens who prefer to exercise their right of
self-defense while shopping, eating, banking and carrying on typical day-to-day activities.

You are encouraged to share your experiences regarding regional establishments, both
positive and un-friendly, with other 2nd Amendment advocates by alerting us when you come
across businesses that display signage alerting firearms carriers you are not welcome. This
service is provided free of charge to those merchants that prefer their clientele do not exercise
their right of self-defense, while spending money.

Similarly, it is handy for consumers that carry to be aware of businesses that welcome and
even prefer savvy, defense-minded customers. Visit the "
Participate" page and learn how you
can assist other CHL holders know where they are not welcome.

If you discover an error in one of this site's listings, please contact us so corrections can be
made swiftly. Also contact us if you would like your business listed on this site.