Are Trademarks And Service Marks
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Here is how it works, for now:

We will find the un-friendlies as we go about our daily lives. Same for the friendlies. Since
abiding by law is status quo, all businesses that recognize natural rights are not to be rewarded.
But merchants that refuse to allow law-abiding citizens their natural rights to protect self and
family should be advertised, to accommodate all parties involved.

If YOU, cruising the streets every day, come across a business that comes across as
carry-unfriendly, in the Alamo area, we want to know about it. Send us a photo of the sign, by
email. We will launch the photo and the exact location of the business. Take at least a couple of
photos with the sign and identifying location markings, if possible. The more you can give us
proof by email, the better for everyone. We will attempt to verify all information, as we can.

Report your finds to:

If we have an incorrect listing--please let us know as soon as possible. We will correct all errors